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How hard is it to be a web developer? -- LazyWeb #4

The LazyWeb Show is a recap of the past week’s current events on the web platform. This week:


Akamai gives an overview of HTTP/2, Kathy Sierra teachers metaskills to master new information, the WebKit status page goes live, browser makers meet to find consensus on Shadow DOM, Philip Roberts explains the inner workings of JavaScript, and Elevator.js scrolls you back to top in style.

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Vær klar til at skride fra en forhandling

Hvis du skal forhandle, taber du hvis du ikke er klar til at gå.

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Extending Native Elements -- Polycasts #15

Inheritance in HTML?! Yep!

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Et spørgsmål om produktfilosofi?

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Coffee with a Googler: Chat with Lauren Dale about Google IO

+LaurenceMoroney meets with Lauren Dale to talk about Google IO, revisiting some great memories of 2014, and learning about what might be coming in Google IO 2015. If you don’t have a ticket for Google IO, you'll also hear about Google IO Extended, and how you could get involved!

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Product Management in Tech with Alex Levich (Women Techmakers: Product Management Series, Episode 2)

Product Management is an exciting role that makes an impact on people’s lives. Find out more as Alex speaks with Gayathri Rajan, Director of Product Management, about the different paths people take to get into Product Management

This is the second installment of a series of programs about Product Management that presents inspiring stories from Women Tech Makers.

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How I: Build one-pagers to get investment meetings

How do you tell your startup’s story? Invisu helps startups build one-pagers to get investor meetings - CEO Donna Griffit (+DonnaAbraham) tells us how with this week’s step-by-step show.

How I: is a video series where entrepreneurs share their tips, hacks, and lessons learned.

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Sky: An Experiment Writing for Android with Dart

Sky is an experimental open-source framework for writing mobile applications in Dart. Sky brings continuous deployment, fast development cycles, and designed-for-small-screen 60Hz user experiences to Dart developers on Android. Presented by Eric Seidel.

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Dart for Mobile

Kasper Lund presents a deep dive into how to run Dart on Android and iOS, and how to power native apps built with native UIs.

Watch more from the 2015 Dart Summit here:

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Moving from Node.js to Dart

Faisal Abid explores how to take a production API built in Node.js and port it over to Dart. You will learn about the differences between each platform for server-side APIs, and the challenges you will face when moving away from the Node platform to Dart. Faisal goes over the advantages of developing in Dart and why it is the best bet for the future of server-side development.

Watch more from the 2015 Dart Summit here:

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SEO Værktøj Open Source

Jeg har fundet et værktøj til dem som gerne vil have lidt mere styr på Deres egne domæner. Jeg har selv installeret det og interessered bruger er velkommen til at oprette Deres egne domæner og bruge det hvis de ikke selv har ønske om at installere det.

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Hvis du vil teste det kan du gå ind med brugernavn = xamino og password = aminoamino på følgende adresse

Hvis du vil oprette dig som bruger kan det gøres her.

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