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Unity Packages for AdMob Mediation - Mobile Ads Garage #20

If you're an AdMob publisher building with Unity, you know that putting AdMob mediation to work in Unity apps can be tricky. Not only are there two different platforms to deal with (and therefore two SDKs, two adapters, and so on), but many things that are simple on Android and iOS, like passing mediation extras, are tricky to do from C#.

Recently, however, the Mobile Ads team began rolling out network-specific Unity packages for AdMob mediation that contains the libraries and code needed to integrate a single AdMob mediation partner into an app. Now, rather than modifying gradle files by hand, downloading iOS frameworks, writing custom extras code, and so on, publishers can just import a Unity package and have what they need to start mediating a new network.

In this episode of Mobile Ads Garage, you'll get a breakdown of how this works, plus see screencasts of some of the packages in action.

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